Engaging, Inspiring, and Entertaining since 2007

Our Australia-wide events, conventions, and tours are simply unmissable!

And are all run by staff with over 10 years’ experience in events & shows!

Confurgence is a community backed and driven furry convention, held annually in Melbourne, Australia.

ThronesCon is our renown Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire inspired convention held in Melbourne, Australia.

Queer Expo is an annual expo held in Melbourne Australia, and is a celebration of diversity in all forms!

Kweer Touring and Events shows some of the best in Australian and International talent across major Australian cities.

Now you know what we do, here’s

Who we are

We’re a pop-culture events company based in Melbourne, Australia!

Australian Fandom Conventions’ experienced and passionate team has been running events all around Australia since we launched in 2007. With a love for the popular culture world, we have been working to bring together fan-based communities in a safe, friendly, and exciting environment – catering to fans of all kinds!


We’ve hosted and entertained tens of thousands of guests over the years.
Here’s what we’ve done for them, and what we’ll do for you!

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$177,134.25 AUD

We have supported a number of different charities across Australia, including the Australian Dingo Foundation, Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, and the Lost Dogs Home, raising the above figure since our first convention in 2008.


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