James Reese


Introducing James Reese and Anthony Grillo!

After meeting at Power Morphicon in 2016, James introduced Anthony to his dream, Muscle Geek Physique. With their roots deeply planted in the world of Sci-fi and fantasy, it was destiny for the two, not only to be together, but also to start building an empire around fitness and spandex. With James’ background in Irish Dance and Classic Ballroom, mixed with Anthony’s Martial Arts training and vast knowledge of the Power Ranger Universe, the two have formed an elite team looking to inspire all walks of life.

If you haven’t noticed already, James and Anthony are HUGE geeks, avid cosplayers and can be found at comic expos across the globe, promoting a life lived to its fullest. These two nerdy guys have such unique personalities and a love for life, it’s hard not to want to join in on the MGP fun!

They hope to portray a healthy, body conscious lifestyle, to everyone they come into contact with and bring awareness to everyday struggles of being who you are. They truly believe in the statement – Together We Are More – and have coined the phrase: Your Future Self Will Thank You!

Who doesn’t want to put on a superhero suit and fight against the forces of Evil! Meet up with them TODAY!