Exhibitor Policies

Adult and Restricted Material

This convention is rated PG, which also applies to the Exhibitor Hall. Due to ConFurgence policy, goods of a sexual or graphically violent nature may not be sold during standard Exhibitor Hall hours. Failure to comply with this rule may result in forfeiture of your Exhibitor badge.

An ‘Adults Only‘ session will take place during the convention. During this time, restrictions on adult material will be rescinded. Exhibitors must ensure that goods during this time is sold only to attendees over 18. Details of this session will be announced alongside the release of the event schedule.

Illegal or pirated material is banned. You can only sell products for which you have the sale or resale rights. The Exhibitor Hall Coordinator has the final decision on this matter and where required, products may be confiscated.

Weapons and Dangerous Goods

Swords and knives may not be sold in the Exhibitor Hall. Other objects of a dangerous nature (e.g. quills, LARP and replica weapons) must be displayed in a safe manner, and sold to buyers in a protective envelope or wrapping.

Buyers must be informed that they are not allowed to carry them about the convention area, and they must be taken from the con space immediately for safety. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to contact the Exhibitor Coordinator immediately to ensure that a security escort is given to the buyer to enforce this requirement.

Animal Products and Materials

ConFurgence is aware that the use of animal products is controversial within the furry community. However, it is not the place of the convention to take a stance on this issue which will infringe the rights of either Exhibitors or attendees.

As a compromise, ConFurgence will allow the sale of products using animal materials. These items may be displayed for sale. However, Exhibitors must limit the display and promotion of these items to a minimum. Final decision on this matter is at the discretion of the Exhibitor Coordinator and senior staff.

Conduct and Safety

A maximum of two people may sit behind each Exhibitor table.

Exhibitors should not stand in front of their table when they are not actively selling. Please do not obstruct the passageways. This is for safety as well as the convenience of others.

Customers should be discouraged from hanging about and blocking the tables when not actively engaged in business. There is some leeway for social interaction, but under no circumstances may customers be allowed to pull up chairs in front of the tables, or excessively loiter.

No horseplay in the Exhibitor Hall. AFC Events Pty Ltd and ConFurgence will not be responsible for damages or injuries caused by Exhibitors or their patrons.

Excessively annoying lights or sounds are banned. The Exhibitor Hall Coordinator will be the final arbiter of what constitutes as excessive.

Other Policies

The Exhibitor Hall Coordinator and/or staff reserve the right to refuse service to any person or entity. If anyone is found to be disruptive, ignores the rules, or harasses other persons and is not amenable to correction, ConFurgence will take the appropriate action, up to and including removal of the offender from the convention. This includes Exhibitors and friends as well as customers/members. If ConFurgence’s management and/or venue staff is forced to eject an Exhibitor or any other person due to violations of the rules, no refund will be given of any membership or table fees.

While all due care will be taken to provide a safe and secure venue, ConFurgence will take no responsibility for any damaged, lost, or stolen merchandise, gear or equipment. The Exhibitor is to take full responsibility for their own property.

Due to legal reasons, we regret that unauthorised charity fundraisers are not permitted.

Exhibitor tables are strictly limited and will be assigned first come, first served. Tables may not be sold on to other people without approval from the Exhibitor Hall Coordinator.

All queries are to be referred to the Exhibitor Hall Coordinator, who in consultation with the Director of Exhibitions, is the final authority in all matters regarding the Exhibitor Hall.

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