Every year, ConFurgence creates a conbook, which has a lot of space for artwork done by fantastic artists all over the world. This year, we want to make the official con book a showcase for more artists by offering a vast space for pictures throughout the entire book! If you feel inspired and ready to swing the brush, please take a moment to read the below information regarding size and files so we can make sure to present your art in the most perfect way possible!

Image Size and Format

Image dimensions should be print resolution. Do not send in a low resolution as we strive to print your work in the highest quality possible.A guideline is 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI (portrait). Your image aspect ratio and layout will dictate the final resolution. These are given as guidelines. To be safe, render images that are larger than these specified. Do not upsample your images to achieve higher resolution. If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have.

The final format of the conbook is A4 (29.7 x 21.0 cm). At the bottom of this page you will find a download box which provides you a format template as a safe guideline. You can also send smaller images than A4 or even transparent drawings! Those will be shown next to texts and spread throughout the book!


This conbook is G-rated. In short: G – General Audiences. All Ages Admitted. The art you provide us may not depict violence, drug abuse, nudity or sex. Stick to those points and you can submit wherever your imagination leads you! However, submissions that show any or all of these forbidden points will get rejected and make the Citizens rather unhappy. This is a colourful conbook, but you may also submit greyscale images!


If an article or letter to the editor in the Furtropolis Daily is more your jazz, poems, short stories, quotes, and ideas are very welcome! Please ensure they are fitting this year’s theme, otherwise you may be carried up the nearest building by our city’s resident villain!


Please provide your artist name and a link to your gallery with your submission! After all, we want to feature your art and have people find your page.

Do not

Do not convert your image to CMYK and do not over-sharpen it for print. We will be applying CMYK conversions and other filters that are optimal for the print process we have chosen.

Images must be a high resolution RGB JPEG (.jpeg) format.



Please send all submissions and questions to [email protected]

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